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Location: Pilani, Rajasthan, India

Hindi Drama Club, BITS, Pilani, is the official body responsible for all the activities related to Hindi Theatre on the BITS campus. Enjoying the enthued, dedicated support of a lively and talented member mass, HDC(as its famously called)'s flag has been flying high!!

Welcome to Our Space

When the lights have dimmed and curtains drawn.. when the merry mayhem of the thunderous applause has been tucked way deep in special corners of our hearts.. its time to paint the very colourful thoughts on canvas.. capture rare moments into indelible memories.. or weave imagination into beautiful words...with the same verve and panache that once lent heart and soul to the many characters on the stage.

This section is dedicated to the true HDCite.. sans the mask

Life’s a Rhyme

Black and White

Behind the Lens